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VirgoDB is a portal to all Virgo related data stored at the ICC, within Durham University. The access and usage comes with certain conditions, including the relevant acknowledgements. See specific databases for those conditions (usually given within a credits/acknowledgments section).

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Millennium DB:

The Millennium public database contains dark matter halo properties and galaxy properties of a number of N-body simulations part of the Millennium suite of simulations performed by the Virgo Consortium and populated with galaxies properties using different methods (primarily semi-analytic galaxy formation models, but also statistical methods). It contains also a series of lightcones, constructed for specific surveys.

The Millennium DB, accessed via the VirgoDB, is only a partial mirror of a similar database, hosted by the Munich Virgo group: http://gavo.mpa-garching.mpg.de/Millennium/. The Munich Millennium DB does not contain all the latest GALFORM models or survey lightcones constructed by the Durham Virgo group, but contains more recent L-Galaxies models. The accounts between the two Millennium DB are not linked.

For more information: Millennium DB


EAGLE (Evolution and Assembly of GaLaxies and their Environments) is a simulation aimed at understanding how galaxies form and evolve. The EAGLE public database contains galaxy properties (such as masses, star formation rates, luminosities and metallicities), merger histories and images for more than one million simulated galaxies spanning the whole observable redshift range in the EAGLE Universe!

For more information: EAGLE project homepage